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The Point Phillips Rod & Gun Club
1035 Smith gap Road, Bath pa 18014
Will be hosting a Benefit shoot for the
Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen Clubs

On Saturday, May 15th (Armed Forces Day) from 2 to 5 pm
This event is open to EVERYONE!!
Women and children are expected and encouraged to attend.
Bring your guns, ammo, ear plugs and safety glasses!!

Food and Refreshments available.
Prizes awarded for the 1st place team.

Post Shoot Rules
The distance to the Post will be 10 yards (30 Feet)
This will be a timed event.
The fastest 3 person team to cut a 4X4 post in half in the shortest amount of time wins.
Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun combined, all shooting at the same post at the same time.
Standing or kneeling , No prone position.
All shooters start out with the barrels at 45 degrees.
All guns are welcome, but NO FULL AUTO FIRE!!
Semi Autos, revolvers, pumps, lever guns
50AE,44mg,45LC,357,9mm,40S&W 223,308,3006,270,12ga,20ga,410.
If you can make it run, bring it!!!
Donation Per 3 person team will be $12.00
Cant find 2 other people to make a team? We can!!! Just show up!!!
Questions? Directions?
Contact Roland @ 610-837-0310

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For everyone who like to stop by and try their luck this Saturday,
Here are the directions.

But, The township or Google has it wrong, where West Scenic rd and East Scenic roads meet, the road sign says Smith Gap, not East Milheim rd.

Google maps
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