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Legiscritters at it again

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Just read in the PA Outdoor News that they are thinking of leasing land in our state forests for lodges and/or Hotels. Then there was Rep. Oberlander who asked if the Game Commission could sell off game lands to "offset any increases in fees" rather than give the PGC authority to increase license fees.
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Attend a few Game and Fisheries Committee meetings, or watch them on TV and one gets an "education" on how clueless many of our reps are, when it comes to good wildlife management.

Over the years there have always been a few of them that use these meetings as an opportunity to rant at our wildlife agencies, mostly in an attempt to "look good" to the folks back home.

Those that tend to do this, are generally the worst people to have in a position to have a say in such things.

Just my opinion, having spent many years paying attention to who says what and why. Some are so clueless and irrational, that I can no longer abide listening to them.

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Many elected officials from the northern tier counties, including local officials, are currently pushing hard for increased PILT fees on all that state land up there.

There is now an org they've set up, to lobby the General Assembly for more "local money" derived from DCNR and PGC lands in those counties.

Next up - if they get increased PILT monies, will be looking again at how much tax money "they're losing" in Clean and Green private properties in those same counties.
IIRC that legislation was passed some time ago and Counties have the option of participating or not?

Paid the County/Twp. real estate tax bill on my cabin recently. That cabin bill is almost $100 higher than the County/Twp. RE bill we pay here at home in Cumberland Co.

Difference: The population of Tioga Co. is a fraction of the population here at home - so far more people to pay those taxes. But the services rendered for those taxes here at home, are also far more than what we get in Tioga County, near's I can see?

Property assessments for the cabin and our home, are nearly identical in assessed valuation, btw. At least the school RE taxes are a bit less on the cabin, but they keep going up over the past ten years.

A few years ago the Northern Tioga SD haggled for about six months whether to increase school taxes by 4 mils or 6 mils. Come fall, they "compromised" and raised 'em 7 mils.

They just raised 'em again this year.
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