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I'm a lefty and I started in the 70's with a TC Hawken (RH). I couldn't hit squat, and don't remember how many deer I missed! I then purchased a RH Hatfield from Cabela's and the miserable shooting continued with this fine looking, but lousy shooting piece. That rifle went off so infrequently, I reread a book on the American Revolution to make sure we actually won the thing!

I saved my pennies, nickles, dimes, etc. and had a lefty built that is a fine looking wall-hanger, but I don't shoot it well. I finally had Brad Emig build me a lefty .54 cal. Yorktown that shoots straighter than I can shoot it. The Berks family was finally in the venison business!

By all means, get yourself a left-handed flinter. Your enjoyment of the sport will increase immediately, as will your shooting ability, but that is simply an old flinter's opinion.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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