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The late season treated us much better than the late Oct-Nov season. Got out a good bit and really laid into the birds. Didn't limit every time out, even got skunked a time or two, but when we were in the birds we sure did make it count. Have to give some props to my buddy for puttting on some serious miles and beating down doors on days I worked to make those days off that much more productive.

With this being only our second year, and last year being a real crap show as we had no clue of what to do/what we needed, I'd say we're doing pretty good but we're definitely learning something new every time out. While we weren't on the "x" every day, we adapted a bit and had a slew of great hunts. Today was extra sweet.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning a year older, started gathering my gear and set off with hopes of a birthday limit on the last day. By the time we met up and got to our spot it was around 5am. We went through the motions as always, laying out our full spread of nearly 90 full bodies, brushed in and got ready.

The birds were flying earlier than we are used to, passing in the distance just after daybreak. We worked out first group of 4 birds right around 830. They locked up and dropped right in. After a flurry of shots the birds were down and we rushed to gather them up. One, Two, Three, FOUR! All banded! These were our first bands of the season. We were seriously doubting their existence LOL

A short time later, a group of 3 pitched right in. No survivors... LOL. All we needed was one last group. About 30 minutes passed and we heard the honks closing in and before we knew it they were about to touch down in the deeks and the limit was finished. We were pretty pumped to close out the season on a high note. Here is a closing shot from today and a gang of other hunts from the Dec-Jan season. Enjoy

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