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Late season in 5C???

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So, I'm looking to make it out the 2 weekends of the extended flintlock season (only been out 2 days so far late season). Does anyone have info on any of the gamelands or public land in 5C? Not asking for your "secret spots", just general advice/opinions. I've never hunted any of them before.

Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone headed out in the cold!!!
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Check #43.
where about are you looking to go in 5c?
I'll be coming in from the Hershey area, so preferably something on the western side of the area, but I'm flexible.

Thanks for the quick replies.
Game Lands #43 offers easy access off Laurel Rd. in Warwick. This road takes you up and over 43 to a dead end parking lot on the west end. There is handicap access to various trails and woods roads. There is a rifle range at the east end entrance.

This game lands receives a great deal of pressure from opening of archery straight through the late season. The deer seem to drift off the Game Lands to private property as the pressure increases.

I spent three hours there this afternoon and saw three grey squirrels and one set of deer tracks that may have been made in the past two days. My vehicle was the only one from the east end to the pipeline on top.
Thanks everyone. Looked a few things up online and it looks like SGL 43 is right next to French Creek State Park, nice chunk of public land. Looks like a good opportunity for a little FL action and some early scouting for next year/turkey/fishing/etc. If anyone is going to be out that way during the extended season...shoot me a pm.
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