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With the Fairchild Family Grand Slam complete, it was time to get on with round #2 this morning.

We heard multiple birds off the roost gobbling, but I don't think this one ever gobbled until he was right in front of us.

Uncle Garner took me to one of his spots this morning and even had a little sniper nest ready for me to use.

I said, "What am I supposed to do, just lay flat on the ground in this poison ivy?"

His reply was "Sorry about the accommodations, it was the best I could do."

It was on the edge of a field that just dropped straight off, so that's what I had to do. Lay flat on my stomach and get comfortable.

I let the birds get on the ground and then gave them some soft yelps and whines with my Bangin' the Boss mouth call. Birds were still gobbling off in the distance when Garner says, he's right out in front of us strutting in the field. Soon enough I could see the top of his head coming through the fog, and at about 30 steps he started to get a little nervous so I calmed him down with a load of #9 TSS from the old 870.

He'll never be hung up in that ol' holler again!

5:49 am

21.6 pounds

9 3/4" beard

1 3/16" spurs

Around 8am I sweet talked another big one into gun range for a buddy............but we don't talk about swing-and-a-miss around here..........


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Outstanding bird, congrats!
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