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These are the last batch of pics from 2012, as well as the first few of 2013!!!

Wildgame Innovations IR4 - The last one I have left. The other two I had just decided to quit working once the warranty expired. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing anymore of them.

Wildview IR5 - As pleased as I am with my 8 year old Wildview camera, I decided to purchase one of the newer models. I am very pleased so far. The pic quality isn't the greatest, but performance is flawless so far!! Its also better on batteries than the older model, which is a plus!!

We just put a roadkill deer in front of this camera, we are curious to see what shows up!! Also, there are new pictures from the camera I have in Ligonier, I'm waiting for them to be emailed to me so I can post them as well!!
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