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Last night, no cigar, but!

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42 degrees when I got to a place over looking a monster size bait pile, a hundred yds from a fence row. This bait pile is the collection of farm stock and fresh butchered deer parts, is being hit by everything. Around 2000 the milking operation was in full force and noisy. I set off a coyote fight on the WT and stupid deer shows up, red light picks up eyes at 200 yds, than I switch to white light to see the bodies and confirm deer at 150 yd mark. They got bored, exited the field. The milking operation gets quite at 2100 and I set off a howl, just one. Somewhere a howl is heard, I am having trouble with my directional hearing. About 15 minutes later three set of eyes at 200 yds plus. These I know are of the k-9 type! I looking through the scope with a red light held above their heads. To far to say dogs or coyotes. so I wait and watch. I don't know why but they turned and disappeared. By 2315 the temps dropped to 21 degrees, the 25-06 and me was covered with frost. Falling stars and a beautiful sky, what a great night!
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Hi Pete, I'm looking forward to it! Was going this morning, but I got a case of the lazies! It is not old age, pure lazy! The connecting farm also had a farm animal dead piles, so the coyotes, foxes and coons can choose which restaurant to enjoy. Of course I will be watching the wrong pile! I can say with fact that coyotes in populated areas howl less and advertise their presents much less than in the deeper woods.
A couple times on farms the one howl seem to work better than all the other time running three or four howls.
Well, the wife has a cure for the lazies! Shopping!! No, I'm going hunting (scouting). I over dressed for walking up hill. Saw lots of fresh scrapes and lots of fresh deer poo. They didn't get them all. Saw a couple coyote tracks around a couple mud holes. This is heavy wooded land and tough to hunt. I will wait for a snow day.
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