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My ex wife keeps asking me to kill a deer on her property.If luck is good I will.Her crops are being eaten.She does not have enough land to qualify for dmap.I have permission to hunt inside her safety zone.Don't think she won't sign a paper stating the same.She will have too.I'm glad a boatload of guys have scored but I will shoot a doe tomorrow if given a chance.I have another spot for buck as well.My son likes deer jerky so I feel I need to fill that need first now.He will eat it everyday for lunch until it is gone at school.Somehow I can't argue with the boy.I just hope I get a deer and let him eat deer in front of his friends like when I was a boy scout.I ate deer meat on a 20 mile hike.Other scouts had hot dogs.We had to cook on our own fire.I made baked potatoes to go with my deer steaks.Mom and dad hunted too and gave the meat to me.My guess is they saved it for that very important occasion.No matter what the memory stays with me.At this point I think my 11 year old son is ready for camp.I will let you guys know how it turns out.
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