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largemouth bass mounts

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Here are a few bass recently finished and ready to go--hope ya'll like em'

The first is a lil dink 14 1/2 " (for a youngster)

The next 2 are of a 25" fish with a 17" girth. The fish had a natural blemish on the [censored] fin and the client wanted it on the mount

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wow, awesome mounts
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Again. ur work is awesome. One day after I catch my 21" smallie we will meet.
VERY VERY NICE!!!! Dave Witcomb did mine just before he passed 22 1/2 19 3/4 girth 11 lb 7oz. hangs above my painting work bench
The larger one was caught by my 14 year old daughter last year. I just showed her the picture and she is excited all over again. Kids and fish, nothing better !

Gary your work is outstanding and we can't wait to get it home.
So glad your daughter likes her fish. it is one to be proud of.
Very nice paint job! Mine [censored] looks like it has bangle tiger stripes on the side should of never accepted it.
Very cool - been trying to get something on the line, so it can go on the wall!!!!!!!

Beautiful mounts!
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