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Lansky Knife Sharpener---Great buy

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Alright guys, I got sick and tired of using the cheap "swipe your knife" sharpeners and was looking for something I could have for a while and get good use out of. I bought a Lansky on ebay and love the thing.

It comes with five different stones and you can adjust for four different angles. It takes a bit to get used to but its great to sit down and mess with it. I have a number of my knives scary sharp now and they seem like theyre holding their edges.

Anybody else use a Lansky?

You can also buy special serrated hones for sharpening your serrated knives. I don't have any of those yet but may in the future.
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Love mine.

Recommend it for those that just can't do the oil stone route.
absolutely love mine as well.....turns dull knives to razors....
Been using mine for fifteen or so years it!
I love mine as well! I have never had an edge last so long, and stay so sharp!
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they work very well
I've had mine for 20 years. Love that thing.
I have one & love it. It is idiot-proof, and you get a consistent edge.
I don't have the lansky but I do have pretty much the same thing made by gatco with diamond stones. I absolutely love it
Lansky sharpeners Are The Best!!!!!!! 15+ years for me!!!!!!
they don't work well on pocket knives but kitchen and belt knives they are great.
I don't know what you consider a pocket knife but I use the Lansky on my small folding knives almost every day during the trapping seasons.
Most of the reviews are really great, I have never owned one but I thought in past reviews some folks really didn't like them
If they are really that good I may get one sometime, I've used arkansas stone most of my life.
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i've never met a knife it couldn't sharpen.
Lansky and systems like it operate on a very simple concept. The clamp for the blade and guide rods for the stones ensures a perfect and identical angle each and every stroke.

They offer an idiot-proof system for those of us (most of us) that can't achieve that level of precision free handing it.

For those that can get satisfactory edges by hand, there is really no need for the Lansky. It does take a bit longer to sharpen with a Lansky than it does to just whip out your knife and stone and have at it.
i can sharpen a blade well with a stone but it takes me a while. i prefer the ease of the lansky. i wont lose any sleep because i'm not an old-world knife sharpening fool like some of the elders here at HPA. lol

Since I originally made this post, I think I've sharpened every knife in the house. Paring knives, butcher knives, my deer skinning knives, pocket knives, and even the older ones that I never use. This thing is amazing. The only thing that I still have problems with is determining which angle some of these blades are at right now.

I started sharpening my one pocket knife and it seems like it is "between" two of the four options. I just sharpened it really well and made it an angle that I have. Maybe not the best thing but now I know I can just clamp it in and go!

I love this set!
By the way, This very well may be one thing that I've seen EVERYBODY agree on on this website!

You know it must be good!
I just ordered the Lansky knife sharpener from amazon (free shipping) if I am not happy with it I will hold everyone on this thread responsible
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they work but wet dry sandpaper and a mousepad work better
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