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Ladder test for 270

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I worked a ladder test at 200 yds this past saturday. I only did to rounds of the ladder test.

Remington brass (from corlokts)
130gr NBT

I believe i have a node between 58-60gr.

What is the next step?
Do i work another ladder with smaller increments between 58-60gr or do i do the OCW test now?
or do i just shoot for groups?
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shot a round at 55, 55.5, 56, 56.5.......59, 59.5,60 then did it again starting at 60 down to 55.

had a node aroudn 56ish and one around 59.
Be careful! 59 GR of H4350 is about 4 gr over the max shown in several manuals. Hornady 9th edition max is 55.3 gr, Hodgdon 2016 manual max is 54.3.

good call, its was 4831sc not 4350, my fault
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