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Krag question

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So, I found a sporterized(more like bubba'd) Krag at a shop. I came up with a kooky idea of what I could do with it, more on that if I move forward.

One thing that I noticed that I have a question about. On almost all sporterized Krags I find there is a slip ring on the barrel, about where the lower barrel band should be. The forward sling stud is threaded into these. I've looked online, but can't find any mention of them or anyone selling them. I would guess it is there for supporting the stock, since there is nothing supporting the stock forward of the action and of course the weak point under the action due to the unique magazine.

My dilemma is are these necessary when the barrel band isn't utilized and if so where do they come from? This one does not have one installed and it worries me with what I have planned.
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They are not needed. The action screws are enough. If you want one the can be found on e bay regularly.
Life's hard enough, pick up something that won't complicate things...LOL. !
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