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Knife maker in W Pa

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Hey guys, I have a brain fart going on. Anyone know the name of the knife maker from the Greenville, Pa area. Last name begins with a "V"?
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That's it! Thanks a bunch. My dad bought me one of his knives years ago and I lost it last year. I was heart broken.
his son Justin is also making knives as well. Look up vosler custom knives if you have Facebook. That is all Justin's work. They are relatives of mine so if you need any contact information I can help out.

I sent a message to Justin about the particular model knife I lost. He replied back promptly with some follow up questions. I haven't heard back yet so I assume he's checking with his dad to see about the model knife. The knife was bought for me about 20 years ago and I'm not sure if he still makes this type. If not, I grew very fond of Justin's Turkey Guide model and will probably buy one in the future, if not just for the fact he was great to deal with.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts