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These are my healthier plants.

This is the lower end which does not get as much direct sun.

A shot from the top along the side where again the problem is direct sunlight. I did mix in clover through this area. It has sprouted and on its way finally.

A shot from my elevated blind or as some people call it...a deck. Pardon the tiki torch. I over seeded the lawn with clover and 50lbs of oats the other day. The grass was stressed and thin so hopefully the oats take hold and grow.

Rain has been few and far between. I got about 1/10th this past week adn they are calling for more this week. I think direct sun is my biggest issue. These pictures were taken late afternoon when the sun is blocked by the woodline. Most of the plot gets about 3-4 hours of direct sun in the morning. At lunchtime, it becomes filtered and then shade by 4. There was a ground hog enjoying the salad bar and turkeys showed up the other day. Although I think the birds were there for the grasshoppers and oat seeds. My neighbor stopped me yesterday and said, "have you been seeing the twelve point?" Allegedly, there is a nice buck crossing the road in the bottom about 1/4 mile away from my house. I hope he comes up for dinner.
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