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Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

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Is there anyway to keep deer out of your garden besides a fence? Any sprays or deer deterrents from the store work? Or any home brews? Thanks for any advice.
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.243, 30-30 or a 30-06.....
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trapperrick said:
.243, 30-30 or a 30-06.....
I wish
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Liquid fence or repellex with work depending on how heavy the pressure is.
Only 3 reasonably sure ways to keep deer out of ANYTHING..........

Fence it in with tall fencing
Shoot the deer
Have a dog that will keep them run out
Put three strands of electric fence. On top one hang strips of aluminum foil smeared with peanut butter.
I have electric next to the garden and I leave a radio on at night.
All the above work, some more some less.
Also try hitting the local yard sales and buying up old bottles of perfume, stinier the better. Hang scraps of clothe on the peremiter. Works some places others it don't.
A while back I had troubles with crows gettin' the sweet corn so I shot one and hung it up I the center of the corn patch. Worked quite well til a bear walked off with the carcass.... :)
I use the electric fence method referenced by others. I use the ribbon "wire". One at 3 inches keeps the raccoon out and one at 30 inches for the deer. Been doing this for about 8 years and haven't lost a thing since.
Go to the barber shop and gather up all the hair you can get. Then get some nylons and put the hair in the nylons and hang these along your fence. The smell of human hair will deter them.
I'm not kidding either!!
Or you could try having a woman (or a man for that matter) with hairy legs and wearing perfume and nylons hang out near your garden. That should do the trick.
Milorganite works to a degree and its a great fertilizer. It is waste product from Milwaukee's sewage treatment plant. Don't knock it til you try it.
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