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I will share with you my experience with fishing kayaks and a video or two. I have two fishing kayaks. The first one I bought over 10 years ago when fishing kayaks were hard to find called a Heritage Featherlite angler. Its very basic. Just the seat and two road holders. Its 9.5 feet long. I dont even think they make it anymore and it cost me 400$ back then.
I also have an Old Town Vapor Angler 10. I bought it about 4 years ago for 450$ ( they usually run around $500-550. Its about the same length but it has almost everything! Two rod holders, Paddle holder groves in the hull, tie traps, two cup holders, more cockpit room, more stable, front and rear molded runners for better tracking, seat adjustment, splash proof rear storage, anchor rope system and several other small yet beneficial features. The only con i see with the kayak is that it does not have full water proof storage. But its no big deal because i keep my phone and other things in water proof containers and bigger items in water proof bags which fit on the tie straps, so really i only see it as a very minor downside and i really dont think about it much anymore.
Now, I have kept my old kayak to bring friends with me and to get my friends into kayak fishing. They used the heritage while I used my Old Town and I got a lot of friends into kayaking with my basic fishing kayak.
Now, they all had to buy a fishing kayak. Well, there are alot of fishing kayaks out there. They all decided to go with the Trophy 126 fishing kayak by Future Beach. Its a much better upgrade from my old Heritage and for a better price too. I think they sell for around $350. It has a cup holder and two waterproof storages and tie straps. It was the best price and affordable for them who were just getting into kayaking.
So after we all got kayaks it was time to hit the water. We do alot of river fishing. Some of its slow moving and some of it has some decent rapids and fast water. The 9.5-10 foot kayaks work great for all kinds of water which is why we didnt go for a longer kayak. We wanted something that we could get into tight places and turn on a dime if we needed to.
Now I will say this, after they saw how easy it was for me to fish with my kayak and being able to anchor easily with the anchor system to fish fast water, and also having the paddle groves in the hull to keep me from holding on to my paddle as im trying to cast so i dont have to balance it on the hull. They mentioned a few times that they should have went for the Old Town Vapor.
Now, they keep improving kayaks each year yet they keep rising in price. I suggest the Old Town Vapor 10.
The reason is because it will distribute your weight better,it also has the front and rear molded runners so your not spinning in circles when your trying to cast and reel. You have a place for your paddle and a large cockpit for messing with your tackle and more leg room so your not getting cramped on an all day float. Those guys love their kayaks but I assure you, if you could put a couple hundred dollars more into a kayak like an Old Town Vapor 10, you wont be sorry at all.
Here are a few videos of us fishing with all three kayaks that I have mentioned above. We all had fun and caught fish. Im usually the one filming most of the time out of my Old Town kayak but you'll see it a few times in these two videos.


In conclusion if your looking for a cheaper decent kayak, the future beach trophy 126 is a good start. If you could put up about 200$ more I highly highly recommend the Old Town Vapor Angler 10. We got these kayaks for all kinds of water. If we were going to strictly pond and lake fish, would would have probably went for a longer kayak, or possibly a sit on top model. Hope this helps!
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