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Just traded for a 1950 model Marlin 336a .35 Rem

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I've been wanting a lever action in .35 remington. This one has a pachmayr foldaway side scope mount. I can't wait to hit the range. Any of u guys hunt with this rifle?
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336A is a nice rifle, a friend of mine's dad had one for
years. I see 336SCs more often than 336A, last one I saw
was in 32SPL
waffle top A model in 35 is a nice gun. you don't see many of those. i'll bet its a shooter with that 24" barrel. put some 200gr corelokts in it and give it a go.
Yes pics ! Long ago I had a 336A .32 special in my paws. I could have had it for a song, but at the time I was into long range rifles. I put it back, and have never seen another .32 Special 336A in a gunshop since.
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