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The wildlife is already hitting my one oat and brassica plot. I've been seeing grazed off spots for the last few weeks and figured it was deer or rabbits. I set up a trailcam and found out that the culprit doing the most damage was none other than cousin Phil.

Even at 1 AM he's out there munching away!

The deer are hitting it too. This spike is becoming a regular customer.

That side of the plot looks pretty good. As you move further to the north the oats are overpowering the brassicas and there's some smartweed trying to take over everything.

Even further over I didn't get good germination of anything (no pics) and I'm going to put some winter wheat or rye on it.

The brassica and oat portion of the veggie plot is doing better than I thought it would for being planted so late. Only one corner didn't do too well. I sprinkled some rye in it tonight. The sweet corn is off and I'll be putting winter wheat there as soon as I get the chance.

Still laughing at this pic. He mocks me!

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