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just for fun

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figured id stir things up has anyone been seeing any bigfoot or mt lions lately? lol just wondering
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as a matter of fact I do...

i was sitting in my living room watching tv tonight and the door bell rang. I got up to answer it. when i opened the door i noticed a young juvenile bigfoot about 4 ft tall holding a mountain lion cub. the bigfoot was pointing to the cub as if it was mine or that i had lost one. i shook my head no and they went on their way. i tried to get a picture but my digital camera was out of film. true story.
i hate when that happens lol
Yep.....Happened to pick up one of the cats and looked in the mirror....

"Tiger" is a big old fat, miserable orange tiger....I'm an old, not so fat, miserable, furry, grey haired cuss with a size 12 boot....

So, Yes, I have seen them both. Scared the crap outta me. I gotta put the cat on a diet and I need to shave LOL
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My mt lion and I were strolling through the woods, eating our jack links jerky when we seen bigfoot, who was bathing in a small pond. A light came on in both of our heads. I stayed out of sight, while cletus(my lion) went to chat with bigfoot(birds of a feather...), and keep him busy.

They were chatting about covering their tracks, while I went to work. I swapped out his shampoo with crazy glue, put ben gay in his depends(why there is no bigfoot scat), and replaced his stash of oak leaf tp with poision ivy, and gave the signal to cletus that I was finished. We met up at a predetermined spot, and continued our walk.

I'd forgotten all about our prank due to our conversations, and we seen quite a sight upon our return to the pond. We heard a god awful roar break out, and we hid in the bushes as bigfoot was digging his heels into the dirt to drag his itching rear across the ground, while his hands were glued to his scalp. Cletus and I laughed the whole way home, while he gently brushed his tail in the dirt behind him to cover his tracks.
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