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Ok guys and gals. This is your chance to stand up for something that is important to all of us.

On Saturday, July 10th, the HPA South Central Reps., have organized an HPA Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Day.

The event will take place from Patton, PA boro to Rock Run ATV Park. After this event, Deadon4 has also invited all participants back to his camp for refreshments and covered dish cook-out.

Gary Haluska, the local State House Rep. and member of the House Game and Fisheries Committee, will be joining us. Gary has agreed to supply the trash bags, work gloves, safety vests, and have PennDot pick up and haul all the trash.

The meeting place will be Rep Haluska's office, 323 Mellon Avenue, Patton, PA 16668-1623 at 7:00 am. If you cant make it right at 7, come as soon as you can that day and stay as long as you can.

What we would like to see is HPA members dedicate a Saturday to the wildlife and help clean up a small portion of Pa.

Not only will you be helping the wildlife, you have a chance to voice your concerns directly to the V.P. of the House and Fisheries Committee, forget about the canned responses from automated email. Like 171farm stated in the main thread, it wouldn't look good if all the guys/girls are there to complain about things but Im sure after the cleanup Gary would be willing to hear any concerns we have.

Please see the main thread at and let Deadon4 know that you will plan on attending.
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