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jerky has been on my "do not eat" list since my gastric bypass in March - lately I've been having no issues with food so long as I chew it enough so I decided to get a few more pounds of ground out of the freezer to run thru the 'Shooter

decided to go real simple with the seasoning this time and it came out really well, thought I'd share.

4 lbs of venison, ground twice
1/2 cup soy sauce (dollar store brand, but prefer kikkoman)
1/2 cup Dale's seasoning (would have used 1 cup of dales and no soy, but i ran out)
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp tender quick
2 tbls Tastefully Simple Onion Onion
2 tbls red pepper flake
2 tbls red hot
1 tbls liquid smoke
1 tbls fine ground sea salt or canning salt
1 tbls fine ground black pepper (if you like it hotter, you can use white pepper)
1/2 cup water

Makes just over 1.5 cups of liquid and at first I thought it would be a little wet but after it was mixed thoroughly it was just about perfect.

I like to simmer my liquid a couple minutes to get the pepper flakes to release some heat, otherwise you get "surprises" when you find a couple flakes or seeds together

I also made another repeat pact with myself. I will never let someone else butcher my deer again. This ground was from a deer I dropped off at M&S meats near New Bethlehem and I specificallly asked them not to cut my meat with beef or pork fat.

I soaked 8 papertowels with grease from this batch of jerky. Once it was dry in the dehydrator, i fired it into the oven for 15 mins at 200 to get the grease to come out (it had a nasty after taste) and then blotted each piece.

This batch actually had the best taste of any I made this year, after it was de-greased. This also seems to be the only way i can get the misses to eat alternative cloven mammals...I can live with it though

I also have no problems eating it with my new stomach "pouch", and it's a great source of protein, I need to get this recipe over to my surgeon so he can get it out to his other patients. Its actually really easy to digest.

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I got 2, 5 lb bags of ground venison that I set aside specifically for jerky, kolbassi, etc... Last night I offered to make some jerky to take on our Quebec fishing trip and was going to post up a recipe Inquiry...this one sounds real good.

Is it real spicy?

Mine is 5 pounds of venison, nicely trimmed vension at that..
... I am with ya, this stuff is too important to loose control over in processing.

Think I should adjust any for that extra pound of meat?
Did you shoot it into bars or stick form?

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I do bars, and if you don't have a shooter, you can use 1/4 inch dowels and some plastic wrap to roll it out, then either dry as a sheet and cut with a pizza cutter, or slice it first and carefully transfer to drying racks for the oven or to the dehydrator.

this recipe is very mild and just a good overall taste. I would add another 1/8th cup or so of dales or soy sauce, then just adjust the water to get a good mix for the shooter (if used)

I also forgot to put the salt and pepper in the first posting...i have edited the post.

if you don't have the Onion Onion stuff, just grate a small or medium onion and mix it through. This will take the place of some of your liquid. Use a sweet onion, not white or red.

Also, i noted that sometimes I put white pepper in with the black pepper - it's about the desired level of heat.

You should also use another 1/2 tsp of tenderquick per pound of meat, 2.5 for 5lbs meat. I leave my seasoned meat in the fridge overnight or a full day to "cure" before piping it on the trays. Some ppl don't do this, the folks at Morton's say it should be done, so I do it. I also mix the curing meat at least once, preferably once every 4-6 hours that it's curing.

Sorry to make it complicated's really easy to do and really only takes about 15 mins to make. Hardest part is hand mixing the cold meat. Takes my hands a half hour to get back to normal temp LOL

As for the Dales seasoning, i usually get it at wally world. I have found it at the dollar store, but that is really hit or miss. Every walmart I have been in has it with the steak and barbecue sauces, on the top shelf along with some other liquid steak marinades.
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