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Jackie Brown Smooth Rifle

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I have been able to find a smoothbore and now I am trying to figure out what would be the best shot to use. Am I correct in assuming that I should only fire lead shot out of this gun, or can you use some of the new tungsten type stuff that is out there? Also where is the best place to purchase everything in one spot. I have powder but need the wads, shot etc.......
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Anything harder than lead is supposed to be in a plastic wad... From what I understand..

Copper and nickel plated is fine though because it has a lead core and will still give and not score the bore..

I've read ITX and Nice shot or something like that might be OK...but crazy expensive and I do t know how they perform or pattern..

I'm going to nickel plated as soon as I can get a bag of #6s....
Everything in one place? Dixon's muzzle loader shop, perhaps ft chambers near Chambersburg (Scotland exit) definitely can order from Track of the Wolf. Dixie Gun Works.
For those new to smooth bore, there is some good information about wads and sizes on the Circle Fly Web site.
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