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Mrs. Fraasch has composed and posted online a four-page document, "Deer in Mt. Lebanon," based on her several months of research on the topic. In it, she expresses her opposition to hunting by rifle or bow, instead favoring sterilization by removal of does' ovaries as a viable option.
She cites a significant cost savings over the long term and mitigation of some hazards associated with culling.
"In most cases during a cull, deer get anxious and dart, which can create an unsafe environment for vehicles in the area," she states in the document. "In articles pertaining to deer culling, most communities confirm this phenomenon by reporting an increase in deer-car collisions in the first year of a cull."
That's some interesting concept right there.
If you shoot the deer to cull them they get so shook up that they run into cars for the next year, but if you capture them and cut out their ovaries they're not troubled by the experience? That must be what they call a scientific phenomenon, kind of like how if you turn off all the lights that Mrs. Fraasch can find her way around the room by using echo location.
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