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It's a start

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More shooting and tweaking to do for some better results, maybe. 40 yards, #9 TSS.
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I think you're good.
...The crazy thing about those guns is how weird it feels carrying them....but knowing you'll have better than a 12ga lead dead gobbler.
..Thats for shooting game birds on the fly....not shooting a turkey head. I've been turkey hunting a long time also...and I never drew a 30" circle for 40 yards target and would never determine the outcome of shot combo on 30 @40. I shoot at the head....not the body(30" circle @ 40), so that 10" concentrated pattern is what really counts no matter what range.
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Mr. Bansner was the pioneer for turkey guns and chokes. My dad had a friend we turkey hunted with, who had him do a barrel/gun for him, back in the mid 80's. I may have been 12/13 and was fascinated by it compared to my 30" barreled gun LOL
Don't think back in the 80s he'd ever thought a .410 would be killing turkeys at 40 yards with patterns better than 1980 something 12 gauges.
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I'm just curious to when the 10" circle (@40) became a thing. I don't remember it when I started really hunting turkeys hard.
....late 80s, I started using a 8.5x11 sheet of copy paper with a duct tape " T " on it.
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