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So the last three nights I have had dreams about being streamside catching trout on the fly. It made me crazy to not be fishing in real life, so I bought my '17 license today and plan to hit the stream ASAP. Western PA, the water is up pretty good in all the bigger streams and rivers around here so I will be targeting smaller water. I am thinking pink egg patterns and maybe some small nymphs? Has anyone been out lately to get an idea what flies may work?
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Been out twice now since I bought my license. The first day I caught two with hookups on three (fishing small mountain freestoners for natives) and the same today. I was only out for a short time on both trips, but I may go somewhere again on my way home from school today. Pink salmon eggs and a rusty brown woolly bugger were working in both streams I tried. If the nice temps come this week I will definitely be going again.
Yep, you can fish the special regulation waters (Class A waters are special regulations) all year round. Any waters not listed in the trout regulations can be fished as well, covered under Commonwealth Inland Waters regulations. Approved trout waters are open to fishing according to the regulations until the first week of March usually (is it different this year? Not sure...)
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