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It was so cold Saturday that.....

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the spark froze before it could ignite the pan powder... that was the explantion for clicking twice at a doe from one of our hunting party on Saturday....never heard that one before.
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That's a new one! It must have been really cold where you were it was 18 degrees with a wind chill of 0 here today and the spark worked just fine.
I spent some time on the range today to do a little tuning. The worst part was talking myself into doing it, I actually was a bit over dressed but had a blast anyway.
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hehehe the joys of flintlocking in PA.

The best of luck to you the remainder of the season...
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it was cold and it was windy and it snowed and snowed and snowed...i was thinking how it might have been back in the day where center fire rifles didn't exist. it had to been tough. you had to rely on your hunting skills and hope that your flinter would go off and hope you hit what you was shooting at. hunting with a flintlock comes second to a bow. both are tough at this time of the year and the cold makes even harder. but i am sure there is alot that we will never experience in the day. but the little bit i did experience, will be something i will never forget.
northern butler co. was 8degrees on sat with the wind it was probaly around 10 to 15 below but i hunted all day wife said i was NUTS but i had funseen alot of deer got back to camp had about inch and ahalf of ice on my beard but i wouldnt have it any other way
Was out about 6 hours Saturday afternoon pushing for a few buds of mine. Brutal to say the least. We had one failure to fire and a clean miss. Lots of deer seen as they were up on the feet fueling their furnaces.

That is a cool excuse though.
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Ha, that's a first!

Glad I was tagged out (got my last one to help feed 2 families on Dec 31st w/ the smokepole). It'd been a cold hunt for sure...been there done that. I remember a number of years ago, hunting in minus degrees and it was so cold the barrel of my smokepole was literally covered w/ ice. Not fun....but hey, anyday in the woods is a good day. I miss it already...
after seeing flash and smoke in pan was so interested in the heat it might produce took my eye off target and plum missed.YUP THATS WHAT HAPPENED
I don't think that excuse is going to fly but nice trying.

I hunt with fingerless gloves and I can remember a year that was colder than this past weekend. I had been keeping my hands in my coat pockets while on stand and noticed two deer approaching. I shouldered my Jaeger, cocked the hammer and set the trigger in preparation for a shot. As I waited for the deer to clear a tree, which only took a couple of minutes, I lost all sensation in my fingers...all of them. I brought the gun down and it felt like I had two clubs for hands. I flipped the frizzen open with the back of my left hand, dumped the priming powder and then placed the gun between my knees while I tried to trip the trigger and let the hammer down. My gosh I still remember how my fingers burnt when I managed to get them back in my pockets. The things we won't do to have a little fun with our flintlocks.
I was 20 feet up swinging back and forth in a treestand for 3 hours. ANd guess who forgot their facemask?!
Yeah, and that is what I looked like!

Wait til this Saturday................they say it's gonna be even colder!

But you can bet I'll have my ski mask on this time!
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It was real cold here in northern Cambria county but I was dressed for it.....problem wasn't with the cold for me. Upon opening the truck door and seeing that the bottom of my door was level with the height of the snow I had 2nd thoughts. Well after a short walk into the woods with the snow up to the top of my rubber boots (about 15 inches) I figured it best that I not end up with frozen feet and gave up. Yea, I'm a wimp (never denied being a fair weather hunter!!) getting kinda old and was afraid I might end up shooting a deer!
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