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Is it worth it?

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I'm thinking about driving the 2 or 3 hours (depending) from NE Ohio to the Allegheny Forrest tomorrow (Saturday) to hunt grouse. Can anyone tell me what the conditions are like in that area? Is the snow pretty bad? I want to go, but 5 or 6 hour drive is a lot of gas for bad conditions. I just can't decide.
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The only thing I will say is much of the northern tier has another 2-4" forecasted to begin falling just before dawn tomorrow. The snow that's down now has a layer of crust on top with powder underneath. My dogs are breaking through out in the yard and woodlot and since there's little support in the powder they sink in pretty good and it considerably slows them down and is tough going for them. That said, we will still be headed out tomorrow... somewhere.
I assume you are asking about the Allegheny National Forest instead of the Allegheny Forest in New York State?

In this part of the Allegheny National Forest the snow is deep enough it isn’t much fun trying to cover a lot of ground but it isn’t so deep yet that you need or want to be wearing snowshoes. It might compress a bit before Saturday though and make it a bit easier to get around in. But, then they are talking about a little more snow starting tonight.

I am not sure if they got more lake effect snow further north and west or not but here on the southeastern edge it is huntable but it will be pretty hard work.

Dick Bodenhorn
I'm thinking that after tomorrow's snow I'll be done with running the dogs here in PA for this winter, but I'm an olde phart! I'll head for the eastern shore of MD. though in mid January for their late woodcock hunt. That'll likely be the wrapup of my season. Been a good one though, starting in mid Sept. out on the prairies!
Yes, sorry about that, I did mean the National Forrest, specifically either the NW edge, or the south east edge.

If I lived in PA, it sounds like I'd be out hunting tomorrow, just to get out for a bit. But for a five hour round trip, IDK if it's going to be worth it. The woe's of being an Ohio bird hunter.

Sounds like it will be a game time decision for me. Thanks for the info.
Look for hemlocks. I seem to find most of my grouse in evergreens when the snow is deep.
Check out this thread. I wouldn't be driving 5 hours into what we go this week on top of what was there already unless you are going south some and in good shape.
Very tough hunting today... I am not hunting tomorrow..

ruffedG said:
Very tough hunting today... I am not hunting tomorrow..
What he said. Semi-soft crust with powder underneath made it tough going for the dog. The crust isn't hard enough to support the dog but it is hard enough to tear up his feet a bit. Made the hunt short but we did manage to get up two hens before I noticed blood in his tracks and we headed back to the car.
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