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Is Bradford County in the expanded elk hunt zone?

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Maybe next year! I took this photo on NYE while on my way home from work.

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It'd be great if he has a few friends nearby also!
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According to the Game laws and the elk management area map, that elk could have been hunted during the extended elk season. According to the book, During the Nov. 12-17 extended season, any hunter still possessing an elk tag can use it outside of the elk management area, for either an antlered or antlerless elk, regardless of the tag that was issued to them. It is on the very top of page 86 of the digest.
Does it matter if this elk is part of the wild PA herd? I'm pretty sure this elk is not.
I don't think it matters. The point of that rule is to keep all elk that are living in the wild inside the elk management area as best as possible. The GC wants to have full control over the population. If the elk are going to expand, it is going to be because of their doing, at least for now anyway.
Smtn10pt, what part of B-county was the picture taken?
I'm curious too.
I feel bad for them, they are so tame it's ridiculous, I have a freind who owns property where they frequent and she said even during the hunting season you can walk right up to them and pretty much hand feed em, that's sad!
if this elk is escaped from a captive farm someone is pushing their luck if they don't make an effort to recover this or any other animals that have escaped. with the current issue of cwd her in pa I cant believe that the pgc or the dept of ag hasn't already jumped on this and put the animal down
This is from North East bradford county.

HF2 I reported this to the pgc for that very reason. I do know that the landowner doesnt want that elk around but I'm not sure what she can do about it. Kind of like if a farmers cow gets out, you cant just shoot it.
Saw multiple Elk this weekend. Went up to camp in Emporium, in between the town of Force, PA and St Marys they have big flashing orange signs "Elk Crossing. Elk near Road. Tune to 1640", which I had never seen before. We drove about a mile in there in a little residential neighborhood were at least 30+ elk just hanging out in peoples yards. Cars pulled over off the road watching them. Some were laying down, some grazing, some it seemed just checking out the house values on the ones with for sale signs. Today then on the way home from camp. We saw one walk in and stand in a guys breezway between his house and garage. A little further up the road there was one crossing the road, walking right into a very busy convienience store and it walked right up to the door like it almost wanted to grab a pack of smokes or something. Not long after we heard on the news of a local town meeting to deal with the overpopulation of Elk in that area.
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There is a game farm in the immadiate area and I heard they may have had some escape.
Smtn10pt said:
There is a game farm in the immadiate area and I heard they may have had some escape.
So if an elk escapes from a game farm in PA it automatically classified as a wild elk and treated the same for legal purposes?
Elk are very used to people in benezzette but just like deer, when you get out of your vehicle they get very nervous. I walked the woods around benezzette and only caught a glimpse of one . Smtn 10pt, you should keep an eye on his where abouts come April and maybe you'll find a nice shed!!! I have a camp near New Albany, maybe he'll wander down and I'll find a nice shed.
I heard he was rounded back up by the owners, but ya never know! I was hoping to pick up a shed of his or two.
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