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Yeah, I know "it will never happen" but...
(they all thought so too... Hang in there DIYASUB)

Interesting Article

Country Registered Unregistered Total Estimated Compliance Rate

United Kingdom 1,793,712 4,000,000 5,793,712 30.96%

France 2,800,000 17,000,000 19,800,000 14.14%

Germany 7,200,000 20,000,000 27,200,000 26.47%

Belgium 458,162 2,000,000 2,458,162 18.64%

Austria (PA Shotgun) 10,557 49,443 60,000 17.60%

Australia (SA Rifles, PA Shotguns) 19-20%

Given a choice between complying with restrictions on firearms ownership and defying the law, a clear majority of people in most jurisdictions have chosen rebellion. The tighter the law, the more obvious the rebellion, to the point that the vast majority of firearms in civilian hands in Europe are owned outside the law.

If history is any judge, that’s probably a good thing. But even if you don’t agree, this is a world in which civilians are well-armed, and intent on staying that way.
Not advocating anything either way... just sharing interesting data and differing points of view.
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