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turkey4life said:
archery/bow hunters are deer hunting,scouting watching freaks and are very proud of their ocomplishments, not saying that gun hunters arent. note most people that post here that share their success are bowhunters. out of all the people that consistantly post here id say most bow hunt.
I also agree with jimsdads post. more greed,less talk and more hush amongst gun hunters.
also to most gun hunters a deer is a deer, they just hunt to shoot deer. while bowhunters look at any kill as a trophy and are very proud of their sucess.

go ahead and bash away, but the truth is fall bow hunting is a lifestyle and gun season is just sitting in the woods and shooting deer.
Well said no offence to any gun hunter's but I've seen people running around like Rambo when it's shotgun season in 5c when I'm out bowhunting. I noticed bow season the woods are dead soon as shotguns in it's a mad house at every gameland. But I like any type of hunting dosnt matter gun or bow I just love being in the woods anything should be considered a trophy no matter gun or bow.
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