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Interesting development re: Harrisburg show

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This might have potential...if the NRA handles it correctly, and that could be a big "if". Done right, this can be a homerun. Done wrong, it'll be a trainwreck.
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I am not a member of NRA... use to be YEARS ago but felt that some of their policies and I did not mesh... therefore I left it. I am only wondering that if (down the road ) they will REQUIRE membership into getting into it... I DO understand some peoples views on the NRA and I respect them all... either for or against... and I hope that they WILL not make any stipulation that reduced entry for NRA members is placed on the show. I also believe that this is probably one of the best ideas that they ( the NRA ) has done in years... and KNOW that they will not infringe on the rights for legal, law abiding citizens and make the show what it can and should be... a great time for people to enjoy the outdoors....
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