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I'm spreading this post around in hopes of finding any information I can about this maker.

A guy named Jim Lofland of Boothwyn, PA built the gun pictured below in 1976 as a tribute to the Bicentenial. I know this because obviously it is on the gun and I got a little bit of oral history. It is a heavy barreled .45 caliber caplock that is as close to unfired as you could imagine. It is very well made and the breech plug ,bolster and tang are all one piece.

Jim was a gunmaker and based upon some internet searching, he had some patents for muzzleloading accessories, etc... but I still do not know much about him. I found a phone number for him from an old list of gunmakers but when I called the phone number listed a nice old guy answered the phone and said he had bought Jim's house about 20 years ago and lost track of him shortly thereafter. I was the first call he had gotten looking for jim in about 15 years.

I've seen posts on this forum from some really knowledgable guys regarding everything blackpowder and even guys that frequent here from Boothwyn, PA. I'm trying to find out anything I can regarding this guy and this gun.

I bought it from a dealer in Virginia who told me that the gun's former owner recently died and that he imported it from Switzerland along with a bunch of other guns from his collection. The owner was a wealthy collector that was the former CEO, and son of the founder of Pepperidge Farms. (High end cookies, Goldfish crackers etc..)His family sold out in the 70's to Campbell's soup for something like $100 million. Anyway I could care less who owned it but would really like to find out more information about Jim Lofland, the maker.

If anybody knows anything about this maker I would really appreciate hearing from you.

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