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YEARS ago my grandfather talked of hunting alot in the Devils Den area of Shawville,behind what used to be called later Yeagers Trailer Court.
He claims that at one time in his younger days of hunting the den,that he came across 3 large slabs of rock,upended,sunken into the ground a bit,and all the seams were sealed with mud/clay.
It was roughly the shape of a small tepee.
He feels that it might of been a burial site,indians? maybe?
He always wanted to go back and possibly try to open it up,but never did.
I hunted that area off and on for several years and kept my eyes open for such a formation.
The area is now posted up and I never did see that "grave".
Has anyone ever seen this formation while hunting in there?
Or any one ever hear of a similiar story of this nature.?
I know that there was/is a cave there some where in the den area that claimed the life of a lost hunter,many,many years ago to "black damp".
For those that never heard of black damp,it's a confined area with to much moisture in the air and not enough oxygen.
You breathe,but your sucking in more water then air and you basically drown over time.
Any "old timers" out there ever hear this story?
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