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Important rule change:

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Effective immediately, NO links or phone numbers of guides and guide services are permitted, regardless of who is making a post. Per the new ownership, these would now constitute advertising, which is not permitted unless a fee is paid.
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what about if your trying to find feed back on an outfitter
how would you ask that question without naming them and MAYBE showing who they are as in a link

OR better yet, what about if you got screwed by one and wanted them to be known for there shabby outfit??

I mean I fully understand you don't want to be providing free advertising for any outfitter
but I can honestly see honest reasons to post a link or name
Phone number I can do without, but? is it still ok to name them and ask for info on one if one wanted to?

I don't use outfitters either, but I know many others do
so just asking here this info, for maybe others that would benefit from being able to?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts