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I'll try again--rattlevax update

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Sorry--don't know why my post didn't post. Anyway, the rattlesnake vaccine is available at Ebensburg Animal Hospital. We were the only clients to ever ask for it, so it's not surprising that most of the staff don't know about it. If you're interested, the contact person there is Mary Beth, and the vaccine is $25. There is a $22 exam fee if you are not already a client, and they do give discounts for multiple animals. It's the same schedule as the Lymevax. The first year, it's one injection followed by a second one a month later, then yearly thereafter. Although it was formulated for the western diamondback, it does give some protection from the eastern diamondback, the timber, and copperheads (as told to me by a State College vet who uses this frequently.) He also said that the main benefit of the vaccine is that it buys you a lot more time to locate the antivenin to treat the dog. Many vets do not stock antivenin due to the expense and short shelf life, and so need to get it from a human hospital in an emergency. Hope this clarifies things and helps someone.
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I've had my two dogs vaccinated with the Red Rock vaccine annually for the past 3 or 4 years. We travel some and sometimes hunt in areas where snakes are an issue although we've never had an incident. I get mine at the Clarion Animal Hospital in Clarion, PA. Have no idea how effective the stuff might be but I figure why not, it's cheap insurance if it works?
I have to agree, wingshot. We all invest so much time, energy & money into our dogs, whether valuable field trial champs or 'just' valued family members. It just seems like a small price to pay for a little extra insurance.
Good advice.....will see if my vet stocks it. If not I'm not far from Ebensburg. Thanks
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