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So I finally got my son, who's back in the States, to go out tonight for a few sets even though it was misty and foggy. Told him I'd give him some tips on how to hunt the fur. He really wasn't interested in pred hunting years ago cause he's a deer man. I figured it would be good because of the front and we could spend some time together. First stand nothing, wind from the East. Second stand we get to the farm and the owner says I got people coming over to see about a room I'm going to rent, but you can shoot if you need to. So we quickly get our rifles and head into the field. 20 minutes later we have eyes. My son's excited, his first eyes ever. I stop the caller, lipsqueak, and here comes Mr. Red at 30 yards. I turn on my gun light, tell my son watch this, and pull the trigger. NOTHING! I forgot to jack a round into the Henry.
So, Mr. Big Shot turned into a good laugh, and it was getting pretty wet, so we headed home. A night to laugh about for sure, but my son is now interested in predator hunting, and wants to head out again. Lesson learned.

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