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Discussion Starter #1 boy(9) would've had his first bird or shot opportunity at least! It was a slow day in our neck of the woods which was odd because its been on fire all weak. Maybe due to the wknd pressure and guys bumping birds early or whatever but there was only 1 bird gobbling this morn and im pretty sure it was the same one I had the close encounter w/yesterday due to it being in the exact same hollow/location. He gobbled hard on the roost but went quiet after fly down. In the early part of the morn I really was questioning why I didn't set us up on that side of the road and on that bird but I just had to much confidence in the blind that I set up the day before.

With full daylight set in and not a gobble anywhere "close" to us I was having doubts. At 7:15 a lone hen comes into the field and feeds past the decoys and out into the field over the rise. This is the 4th morn in a row that ive seen what I presume is the same hen so she must have a nest close by. I had told hunter that we were in it for the long haul and gonna try to stick it out all day. He didn't fall asleep this morn which is unusual for him especially when the action is slow...wish I could say the same for me but that hr pwr nap really did me good! LOL

The blind started to heat up once the sun got up and his "im cold" routine changed to "its to blasted hot". He did good all morn and I let him move about as he wanted since we had the security of the blind...that's when it hit him...THE GIGGLES!!! You know the kind you get when your sitting in church and your bro/sis looks at you and you just start uncontrollably giggling/laughing at even the stupidest silly a bug on the side of the blind, or a fart(that is funny all the time though)or even the decoys spinning in the breeze...well he had em BAD and I was getting cramped up from being stuck in the blind. I looked at the watch...11:10...close enough I thought. I calmed him down and we got our stuff together in the blind.

This was our first time hunting in a blind even though ive had it for several years I just never had the notion or ambition to take it out and use it. I was curious to the "look" from the outside so I crawled out and left hunter in and wanted to see how well we were actually hidden. I had "brushed" in the blind the day before so I knew that art was good but I wanted to see what it was like w/someone in and close to the windows. This blind has zippered flap windows w/a detachable camo mesh also. Well I must say I was VERY couldn't see ANYTHING w/the mesh up!! ...and that's when it happened... <span style="font-weight: bold">GGOOOOBBBBLLEEE </span> less than a 100 yds but across a deep ravine. We looked at ach other in amazement.

I hit a cpl clucks on my slate and hammered back so I cut him off right away with a cpl hard loud cuts and he dbl gobbled! I bee-lined it back to blind and we zipped up...11:23. He gobbled 1 more time on his own but hadn't seem to have moved then all went quiet.

We were up and ready and waiting as the sun beat on the blind and he kept whispering how hot it was. In my mind I knew we were in a pinch for time but he was too close and too hot that he could make it in time.

11:53 and no sign of him...hunter said lets get out before we spook him and come back another day...good plan I thought but I told him as soon as we get out hes gonna be there. Sure enough I unzipped the blind and crawled out...nada...rose to a crouch...nada...then slowly stand and I hear leaves! HE was 30 yds behind us moving to us and he was a beast! My heart sank and I thought that maybe even the 7 mins we had left could've made the difference but in the end he wasn't that upset and still had a fun, but long, hunt. Now its off his BB game.

Sorry for the long rant but im a stickler for
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