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If a Benedictine nun....

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Last year, if you were on Facebook, you might have seen the nice 10-point buck shot by a Roman Catholic nun in St. Marys, PA. (It was probably covered here at HPA, too, but I don't remember.) She originally posted it on Facebook for her brother in Connecticut to see, and it quickly went viral. She began to get nastygrams from all over the world. Several websites picked it up, and some major and regional magazines published the story.

I had the privilege of writing about it for North American Whitetail magazine, but because of the long lead time for a magazine like that, it just came out almost a year after she shot the buck.

There was a lot written about her and her hunt, but I wanted to approach it from a different angle. I thought after all the hate mail she would be unwilling, but she was more than happy to talk to me at length about her views on hunting and the opposition she received.

The bottom line is this:
If a Benedictine nun can hunt with a clear conscience, and believes hunting is consistent with Christian beliefs, you can, too. Hunters are not "murderers," as some uninformed people think. Hunters play a role in the responsible stewardship of wildlife.

Some of you guys might know Sister John Paul. If you get the chance, check out the November issue of North American Whitetail magazine. Until then, you can read the column I wrote as a little intro to the article in the magazine: CLICK HERE: A Theology of Hunting?



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Nice. That's a great story. It says a lot about the world we live in when people will verbally attack a person who has committed her life to public service because people don't like that she killed a deer. I hope she didn't take the criticism too hard.
She didn't. She's a very gracious lady who loves an opportunity to teach. Besides, if she had taken it hard I would not have posted about her and she would not have allowed me to write the article for North American Whitetail magazine.

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