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Idaho predator hunt pix!!

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I posted this on the Big Game forum and was told to post it here too as y'all would like these pix. My son and I were there for 10 days with Little Lost Outfitters, Howe, ID. We hunted Unit 51. So much big game it blew my mind!! I took a beautiful lion on day 2 and my son took a 33 lb Bobcat on day 9. We had plenty of chances on coyotes. We found wolf tracks but never had any replies to our calls. Overall it was a wonderful trip. BTW, every day began below zero. 4 days at -15 to -18. High was day 2 at 26 above. I shot my lion on day 2 between 8700-8800 feet of elevation. Hiked 2 3/4 hours up the mountain. I'm having my first knee replacement on 1/30, so, I felt like my knees were going to snap at the end of this climb. Hardest hunt I ever had. Put the dogs on the fresh track at 1:00. The cat was treed by 2:00, I got to the tree around 4:50. Beautiful high desert and mountains. Can't wait to go back. BTW, land there is around $2000/acre if you're interested. We'll be back in November of 2014 for elk!!

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awesome,,, that lion will look great on the wall.
You bet it will!! Nice natural relaxed pose. Lying down looking down from an 8' ledge. Bobcat will be walking. Gonna look sweet in the lodge.
Nice cougar, looks like a good sized tom. Did you get a weight on it?
Congrats!!!! That is on my list of hunts...
Congrats Mike and Thad. I will be sure to make sure lil sniper see the pics. See you next month at winter series #3
Awsome, reminds me of NM. What cal did you take that mt lion with?
congrats a few more elk deer ect. will live now.
Thanks Foxtrapperwoman. The lion was 90-100 lbs. It was a female. I had the choice of shooting or waiting for a Tom. I told our guide I had 1 good climb in my knees, so I opted to take this lion. I'm very pleased with my choice!! Great hunt. I recommend Little Lost Outfitters.
swpa87, I used a Howa chambered in .22-250. We retrieved the bullet when she was skinned. Put it in right on the far back of the front right shoulder and it rested inside the hide on the opposite side. 50 gr V-Max weighed 36.4 gr after we soaked it in hydrogen peroxide and cleaned it up.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts