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i went to a meeting held by cease fire

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i went to a meeting the other night, a veteran of the Korean WAR spoke up and said

"that the 2nd Amendment mentions a well regulated militia it doesnt say anything about private citizens owning guns"

HUH? what i remember from school, the militia were citizens and they had the top of the line weapon of that age available to them.

its 2013, we are the militia and we should have the top of the line available to us.

another man said deer rifles should be limited to 5 rounds, the main speaker said that the castle doctrine allows you to shoot someone because they had their hands in their coat pocket and gave you a mean look, he claimed you could shoot that person because you felt threatened, he also told another man he should flee his home if an intruder breaks in or try to reason with the criminal, he didnt need a gun to defend himself. this man, the main speaker is a former assistant district attorney from PA....must not have been good at his job if that the way he understands the law.

long story, short version, i couldnt stand all the misinformation being spread, i took my turn and spoke up, corrected everybody on those 3 statements and darn near got attacked.

i think the part that set them off was when the main speaker asked me if he should be alarmed because i was advancing on him, i explained i wasnt a threat, i wasnt advancing, i was simply coming up to the front of the room so folks wouldnt have to look over their shoulder to see me. i then told him if he felt threatened he could just run out the side door like he told the homeowner to do if an intruder broke into his home.

half the room eurpted into laughter, the main supporters in the front of the room got real loud and demanded i leave and i also made the evening news and the headline local news the next day....i dont think they will be back anytime soon.

if we dont stand up and be counted we will lose the very freedoms we cherish.
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Cease fire? The name says it all....Cease fire, unless it's the gov't shooting as us. It's called LIBERAL. It's called only the gov't is SMART enough to own guns. It's called the gov't taking over completely. They've done enough, now the guns is all they have left to take over. Resist.
Thank you for your efforts to educate our public. Keep up the good work!
Ok, I may be a little confused by the cease fire guy making the statement that deer rifles should be restricted to five rounds. Aren't we as hunters restricted to that now, and 3 shells when hunting small game in a shotgun.
RichinPa said:
Ok, I may be a little confused by the cease fire guy making the statement that deer rifles should be restricted to five rounds. Aren't we as hunters restricted to that now, and 3 shells when hunting small game in a shotgun.
yep...thats why i had to correct them on the misinformation they were spreading around. thought i was gonna get beat up by his supporters, they didnt like it at all.
RichinPa said:
Ok, I may be a little confused by the cease fire guy making the statement that deer rifles should be restricted to five rounds. Aren't we as hunters restricted to that now, and 3 shells when hunting small game in a shotgun.
No restriction on rounds allowed to hunt deer. Yes to restrictions on shotshell limit.
Bohunr, thanks. I think when I started hunting in 1962, we were limited to 5 in deer rifles too.
Thanks and great job!
Good for you. Please post the name of the organizer of this CeaseFire event if you have it.
been hunting for 54 years. there was NEVER a deer rifle magazine limit. Most common gun used in Pa was the good old lever action 30/30. Capacity? 7 rounds.
I started hunting in 1960 and remember no limit on shells for deer rifles.
There was never any limit on rounds for deer,you could even take the plug out of the pump shot gun to load 5 slugs for deer.The only limit on rifle/shotgun for deer rounds was the 3 my Dad gave me,and told me to make the first round count.
To get this thread back on track, I just got finished looking at their website and facebook page. They have quite the organization and, it seems, the media attention also.

This makes it very clear that we, supporters of gun rights, need to join some pro-gun organization to support our cause. Email or call your legislative servants everyday. Do not be part of a silent majority, let your voices be heard.
i know deer rifles have no shell limit with a detachable magazine or tube fed magazine, but the ones with an internal box type magazine generally hold 4 rounds plus one in the chamber for a total of 5.

i used to max mine out (rem 700) now i just put in the 4 rounds.

the organizer for this event was Rob Conroy he is the ceasefire co-ordinator for western PA and he wasnt to truthful at all.

scottm2012 is right, we need to join a progun organization and stand for whats right, in a polite and respectful way.

also be well informed with facts and figures not made up emotion filled rhetoric. They cant handle the truth
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Thanks for your efforts to educate the misguided members of our society.
So that was you causing that ruckus up there in Erie the other night???

Ha, I am getting tired of organizations like this and the media outright lying and misleading the public about guns. The thing that really glazed my donut was when Gen. McChrystal the other day, went on a rant about how , throughout his career, he carried an M16 and then an M4. He then said that these weapons shoot a .223/5.56mm round that travels at over 3,000 fps and is designed to have devastating affects when it hit the human body. He then said that the public has no business owning these guns.

First off, I highly doubt that the Gen. EVER carried an M4 rifle in his career.

Second, an AR 15 is NOT a full auto M16 or M4. I am tired of people trying to convince people that they are.

Third, why does the Gen. try to make the .223 round out to be the most powerful and devastating round on Earth??? Just about ever caliber used for deer hunting will have a more devastating effect on the human body than a .223.

So what is all this about? A massive misinformation campaign by the left and the anti gunners to mislead a large portion of the American public into thinking that AR 15s are fully automatic "machine guns" that shoot the deadliest ammo on the planet out of them.

I wish that there could be a counter effort to educate the public on these guns and ammo but I doubt anyone would listen or understand...
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Great job!

This needs restated again.

Each of us need to do as Bohunter did. Even if at a less visible level.

Each of us need to engage in respectful conversation people we meet in daily life where and when the gun issue comes up. Friends, family, co-workers, people in the check out line.

Concentrate of the misconceptions in the media. Offer to email proof from <span style="font-weight: bold">" Official Government "</span> websites as to what the actual laws are.

The media is working the angle that the need for a weapon is predicated on the need for hunting. We know that hunting is not what the 2nd A is predicated on.

The media is working the angle that the gun show loop hole - as they call it - allows no background checks for private sales. Wrong - all hand guns require a background check. Long guns can be sold to others living in the same state w/o a check. But - attending a gun show in another state and selling or buying private to someone living in another state without a background check - illegal.

Heck - you can use the US Mail to ship long guns within the same state!

Back to the point - each of us can help educate and influence the conversation.

Each of us can use official law and official websites to prove our point and sway opinion to our side.

By using official websites - we take away the argument that the information is somehow slanted.

Using official websites makes the information available to anyone instantaneously with all the smart phones and web based sharing technology and services.

In the end, we can let others fight this battle - or as individuals, we can step up and start influencing those in our daily lives. Short small conversations with real verifiable information that can not be edited or countered by those opposed to us.

Be polite - be right - but be engaged.

Our Second A has been adjudicated by the Supreme Ct as an Individual right. Ironic, that the most effective manner to protect it most likely will be the individual actions by the millions of gun owners engaging the misconceptions and lies of the media.
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TraskOutdoors, By making the 223 sound so powerful they can later go after the other calibers that are more powerful, by saying that they are even worse than the 223.
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