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I thought baiting bear is illegal in pa?

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The first 15 seconds of this video... you tell me
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Definitely to some brass to put that on you tube.
I bet that was just a clip of an out of state hunt for bear.
S.Horn said:
I bet that was just a clip of an out of state hunt for bear.
My thoughts as well, but we have enough WCO's on here that one should be checking it out.
great detective work!............. if you look at their other videos you will see a black bear hunt in Maine....if you watch it, you will see that it is the hunt the clip came from.....

what ever gave the thought that it was in PA?!?! because the title of the video contains "PA"??? it also contained late season doe kill....which was what the video was about....the intro showed numerous hunts and trapping least that is what i saw when i watched it....

so quick to play internet WCO...but couldnt even "solve the case"....and what a simple one it was to solve...i hope the internet WCO supervisor takes you badges! everyone that agreed and had something to say!!!
ha, no WCO, but an interesting thing to place in a video since they did refer the one buck was shot in Iowa. Then again, If i had solved the case what fun would you have had posting that...
Take a look at 2:08 time stamp as the bear has a green harvest tag in the ear. Plus look at the clip of the bear in the barrel the vegitation is green. Its a spring harvested bear my guess by the tag would be Maine.
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