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I hunted so long ago in PA

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one of my hunting acquaintances was a Linotype Operator.
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I thought you were going to say Western Union telegraph operator
You could kill only 1 deer a year!
People didn't complain about seeing no deer when hunting the exact same spot for 20 years!
I had to wait in a line to use a payphone to call home!
that my favorite gamebird was bobwhite quail.
....That Men were Men, boys were the dogs and nobody cared about scores.....Deer were FOOD.
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We used to sleep out at the court house to get our anterless licenses
We had wait till after the 2 week buck season to kill a doe!
My first hunter safety card says "NRA" on it!
My license was made out of metal.
I remember when Bear season was one day!
Hunting clearcuts was not like going on a high fence hunt.
I bought a Marlin 30-30 from Joe the Motorist Friend for 94 dollars.
My bow was a Black Hawk Hornet recurve and I was the only bow hunter in the woods.The 60's were a wonderful time in the woods. My grandson can't believe the stories.
If you told somebody you were tagged out,
they would have said "big deal, put a sock in it." dad hunted, shot a 4 or 6 pt every year and was happy with it. He has since quit when other people started dictating what a trophy now is considered.
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