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Oh yeah, liberals tell us all the time how we can get together and work out some sort of compromise on this gun control thing because, after all, we're all very reasonable people and they understand and respect our point of view, right?
Maybe not so much.

<span style="font-size: 20pt">ny democrat calls gun rights advocates gun toting tea party psychotards</span>
1:49 PM 02/27/2013

A local lawmaker in Hudson, NY is catching some flak after he accused gun rights advocates of being “gun toting Tea Party psychotards” in an email.

“Its really neat that all you gun toting tea party psychotards are so interested in the goings on of our little City,” Hudson Alderman David Marston wrote to Joanna Johnson-Smith — the New York state organizer of Gun Rights Across America — on February 22.

“On the other hand, I guess its not surprising, considering you ideologues aren’t interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization,” Marston continued.

Johnson-Smith had emailed Marston days earlier to insist that he reject a city council proposal to ban all guns on city property, including for permit-holders, according to a local Fox affiliate.

“The VERY few Law Enforcement Officers that support the Safe Act [New York's new gun law], about 2%, are all Democrats and Liberals who have never given a donkey’s behind about the Constitutional Rights of the people who employ them,” Johnson-Smith wrote to Marston on February 19. “Patriotic Americans … are incensed over the State and Federal attempts to disarm law-abiding Americans and spit on the Constitution.”

“Two things: The only spit here is the white stuff frothing on the ends of that rotten little mouth of yours from which you spew this hateful ignorant trash,” Marston shot back. “And a donkeys behind? The rabid ignorance of the fringe is best illustrated by its sad metaphors, I mean seriously, thank you for the laughs.”

Marston then told Johnson-Smith that any effort to protest the vote would be a welcome chance to “beat you barbarians back with the clubs of reason & responsibility.”

“By all means, come on down, we’ll be happy to beat you barbarians back with the clubs of reason & responsibility, radical lunatics that you are,” Marston wrote. “And say, a quick ProTip, since you’re the ‘organizer’ for unemployed guns nuts USA. Next time you think these unhinged rants will change the mind of anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence, you might instead just go back down into your basement & watch another episode of wheel-of-fortune. It’ll certainly be just as effective. Remember: there are millions of Eagle Scout God Worshiping Patriots who find you & your radical ilk as disgraceful to American Democracy as the Brown Shirt jackboots you act like. I happen to be just one of them. Good Luck.

Not long after that, the exchange went viral.

By Tuesday, the emails had been posted to Facebook by New York Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin and had received nearly 6,000 “likes” by midday Wednesday. A conservative blog, The Mental Recession, featured the exchange as well.

Reached by email Wednesday, Marston told The Daily Caller that his email “was a draft that was accidentally sent” and that he emailed Johnson-Smith an apology a half hour later.

“I am embarrassed & ashamed that letter ever saw the light of day,” Marston told TheDC. “[A]s I explained to her, I had been getting tons of inflammatory hate mail about a proposed resolution to ban guns at our City Hall, Day Care, & Waterfront Park. Not a single one was from a City of Hudson resident.”

“I stupidly drafted an email in the heat of emotion, that was a direct reflection of the type of emails I was getting,” Marston continued. “I had no intention of it ever being sent. I am sorry it was, because in all honesty I have had plenty of fruitful exchanges with gun rights advocates who engage this issue with decency & respect.”

Marston told TheDC that it was the tone of Johnson-Smith’s email that elicited his initial response.

“Please understand that when addressing an elected official in [a] City you do not live in with ‘you spit on the constitution’ ‘aren’t a real american’ and ‘could give a donkeys [censored] about rights’ before ever having even known whether I support the resolution, might just mean civility is not in order,” Marston told TheDC. “But as I said, sending it was a mistake, for which I am sorry.”

The Hudson city counsel’s legal committee will hold a discussion Wednesday evening on the merits of the proposal to ban guns on city property, according to Marston.

“I support the idea that if our employees can’t bring guns to work, nobody else can, but I need to see the language of the proposal before I know for certain my position,” Marston told TheDC.

Johnson-Smith did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

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As my old man said once "you ain't sorry for what you did, your just sorry your (butt) got busted". Had to clean it up a bit for family site.

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I'd except the apology , along with his resognation . Now that you know how he stand on 2nd Amendment Rights .
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