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hpa1-s.gif LAZY DAYS OF SUMMERBy Rich Jackson
By this time of the year, we are all well into the full swing of summer fishing. Dealing with hot weather, bugs, thunder storms and anything else that dear Mother Nature dishes out. This all makes it the lazy days of summer.

Here in my neck of the woods, Northeastern Pennsylvania, fishing is somewhat finicky at best. With the heavy storms moving through the area every three or four days, our Susquehanna River has been virtually unfishable. With the high water and extremely muddy conditions, most anglers have been going to the reservoirs and ponds.

From the New York state line, just above Towanda down through the Harrisburg area, the Susquehanna River offers all anglers unlimited opportunities for catching all types of fish. This area of the river has been nationally recognized for its production of smallies and muskies. Throughout the area just south of Wilkes-Barre to the junction where the east and west branches meet near Sunbury, the Susquehanna has produced many large fish. By simply pulling out a map of the areas along the river, you can determine just where to cast your line. There are numerous launch areas along the shoreline and plenty of bait shops as well. As I write this article, the river level is just about 6 to 8 feet above premium fishing height. Fishing throughout the Susquehanna allows you an opportunity to be on one single body of water and have the potential to catch every games fish species known to Pennsylvania.

The "PAC" or more appropriately known as Lake Wallenpaupac is one of the best fishing areas for a closed body of water in the Northeast. The Pac has exceptional smallmouth fishing as well as great striper population. With the many marinas and launch areas around the lake, the access to this body of water is not hard. There are a lot of boating activities on the water all summer long and fishing time seems to be best real early or very late.

Fishing is not the only way to spend those lazy days of summer. There are great opportunities to grab that rifle and do a little varmint hunting. With woodchuck season in full swing, nice days spent relaxing in a large field waiting patiently for that little head to pop up can be extremely fun. Finding a good place to hunt is not that difficult. If you would simply spend a few days driving around and looking for a large fresh cut field to hunt in and then ask permission. Do not forget to look for the landowner and ask permission first before you take it upon yourself to venture onto their property. Respect the landowner and he will return the gesture to you. Always remember the safety factor while chuck hunting and the law mandates that a fluorescent orange cap must be worn. Be smart and use one. An accident can never be erased, so make sure it doesn't get written.

Last but not least do not forget that archery equipment. Now is the time to begin getting ready for your upcoming season. Be sure to get to your local pro-shop and look over the new equipment for the upcoming season. Check your equipment and make sure that everything is ready. Now is the time that you must start to practice. Practice, practice, and more practice are what is needed. You owe it to the animal that you are pursuing to be as accurate as you can be.

After you have checked all your equipment and purchased that new bow and made sure that the arrows are fletched right, there is still one more thing to work on. That one more thing is YOU!!!!!!!. Yes, you are just as important in getting ready as your equipment. It is important to get a check-up from your doctor and begin a regular exercise period at least one month prior to the opening day. Walking is the best thing you can do and I strongly recommend at least a 1/2 mile or mile walk each day. Other small exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups will work wonders.

Remember to always take a first time hunter with you or give a youngster the opportunity to enjoy Gods great earth. I enjoy your comments on my articles and would appreciate your feedback.

Visit me at [emailprotected]WILDLIFE CONNECTIONS BY Rich Jackson 15 Sorbertown Hill, Hunlock Creek, Penna 18621 570-542-7013


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