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To all HPAers, turns 10 years old in 2009 and we think that is something to celebrate!! PA certainly has seen alot of changes to it's hunting scene over the last decade and they all have been throughly discussed here
We have also shared alot of seasons, opinions, successes ,tactics, stories, and even some tragedies we have endured together over the years and the time has come to put faces with all those names. Leave our debates at the door and come together in the woods of Central PA with a 2 DAY EVENT that should allow everyone some flexibility to make it on out and take part.

Date and Location have been set in stone to avoid confusion (we can never pick a date that will work for everyone):

SEPTEMBER 19-20 ,2009 at the clubgrounds of the CRESSON SPORTSMAN'S ASSOCIATION in Loretto PA 15940
Get directions to the club

This event will be free to all membership and meals and refreshments will be provided throughout the event. More information will come on nearby camping and accomidations.

Here is where we need your input on what kind of event you guys want to have :

Family picnic derby, softball, other family events


Outdoor Expo Style...vendors, seminars (pred huting, food plotting, etc..) ,calling contests , and shooting events

Or a combination of both (where I think we would all like this to end up.)

MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW , and give us your input.

The Admin from HPA plans to make the trip down to Cresson during their Coyote hunt Weekend on March 7th, so we hope to have a good feel by then about the kind of event we need to pull off.

Newbie, Long time poster or a reader that has never posted we want to met you and hear from you here. This event is to celebrate this unique Outdoor Community that we all have developed here over the years and we want it to be a BIG event. Anyone that may have something to offer the event in any way, please let us know either here or via a PM to me or "HuntingPA"...I wanted to call this event the HPA Outdoor Festival but we aren't there yet, and I hope with everyone's help we get there. This website has amazed before in what it can do when it comes together and we certainly expect no less here.

Thanks ALL!!! Can't Wait to Celebrate PA's hunting Heritage HPA style!

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Very cool Rooster, I was wondering when you were going to post this up! Seems like not too long ago all of the discussions were going on (must have been about a year ago now)..

Depending on my work situation we'll see how this all pans out. Can I foresee a secondary horseshoe tournament/ cornhole festivities going on?

This could be scary

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i would love to do someone who is going to be new to the state it may help with meeting like minded individuals.While i like to camp the miss's doesnt anymore so lodging might be a good idea.some sort of picnic,skeet shoot sounds fun to me.a place to shoot the bows couldnt hurt
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