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I was talking to my son about our archery hunts together and the deer we saw.He said 4 does and one buck.Then he added something to think about.A friend of his stated he got 5 deer on a hunt.My son said he is hunting inside a fence.I personaly don't do that type of hunting but explained to my son it is legal.He said he won't hunt in a high fence.I think my boy became a real man today,one I can be proud of.I gave him a family hierloom 22 winchester for Christmas.I think he understands what I am because he has become one with the spirit of hunting.Sorry it is the best way I could describe it.When a kid says can we go hunting?How can a dad say no?He asked me to go plenty of days so,I am overwhelmed.To those of you that don't know.I tried hard with both of my girls.I wanted them to hunt as well and my heart broke when they wouldn't.I tried 4 times to get a kid to hunt and finally won.Couldn't get my oldest son to keep hunting.It isn't dead because I will keep bringing up until the kids tell me not to.Good luck to all.Hunting is not over anywhere.Just change the animal you are after.
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Pat yourself on the back for a fine job of raising your kids!! Sounds like your son has what it takes!!
I have two boys they both hunt we talked about fence hunting already they said it first dad there is no way I want to shoot a deer in a fence,I know some people like it its just not for us
I hope the future has more kids like yours in it. I know my son feels the same way.
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