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duckman76 said:
They Don't Count!

They are not overseen by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.....Farmers in the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau normally want them eradicated from thier barns and will let you shoot them 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

Them Guns going BANG on a Sunday will not interfer with Milking Cows, Cutting Hay, Gathering Eggs, Slopping the Pigs... Nor get a Farmer Upset at you knocking on the Door on a Sunday to ask for permission to shoot them Pigeons!

Also, those Pigeons are Not listed Under the List that would Warrent Divorces in a Court of Law!

Wifes would have no problem with Husbands going out on a Sunday and Shooting Pigeons....

Women do not get Rapped because of Pigeons being shot on Sundays.....Hikers don't get hit from shot that has been shot at those pigeons...

And Camache's Puppy would not get shot aswell when they are hunted on Sundays.......

Those nasty Crows, Fox and Cyotes... they also do not fall under any of those things happening.....

but any other wild animal in PA, if they were able to be hunted on Sundays...Well, there would be a great Pleague of Divorces, Farmers Having to miss Milkings, Gatherings,Slopping , ECT...
Hikers would end up dead on every square inch of PA Huntable Land, the Amount of Rapes would go Sky High.....and Camache would have to buy a New Puppy every Sunday!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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