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hunting license without ID

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My truck was broken into at work today and everything stolen. We planned to leave friday for the mountains and I have no hunting license and no ID. I know my drivers license info and tried getting one on line but you cant print out a general license. Any ideas. Can I get a replacement drivers license in one day? Or is there away to get a general hunting license without a drivers license?
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so are you saying that all the person needs to do is to tell the officer their name and that is it ?
ConCrnd_Sprtsmn .... it is nice to see someone who actually reads the book....

What some folks do not understand ... is if you fail to provide POSITIVE ID to an officer and there remains any question as to who you are the officer can take you into custody and transport you to the local or on duty district justice so you may provide HIM with positive id and also ruining your day hunting because you cant prove who you are...
carry a photocopy of your current license... it does not say that it has to be the current drivers license... just a form of positive ID .... and wouldnt it be easier to carry it with you than to have the WCO ask for it and you have to walk the whole way back to your vehicle.... not to mention it does say "WHILE AFIELD" not "if you feel like it" lol
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I noticed it... but was just throwing those out there because those are the NORMAL questions we get asked when we ask for id in the field... lol

Steve so if the guy is hunting and say his vehicle registration does not match the name on his license and he was involved in a violation... as long as he is willing to write a name on a piece of paper that it is all good... ?? that is by NO means positive identification
Steve, be in violation of title 34 or 58 by failure to show POSITIVE ID, now you have a violation... if the officer can not prove who you are... you will be taken in... it is no different than a police officer... get stopped for something say shoplifting now you are in violation... if you try to tell a cop your name and say " well I will even write it on a piece of paper" and see where that gets you... I will tell you... it will get you a trip to the station or the on duty DJ ..... once there is a violation, if you can not provide positive ID, you cant just walk away by saying i am so and so...

as above why do you make it seem so hard? carry a photocopy of your drivers license with you... that way you dont have to worry about losing your license but at the same time the black and white copy will have a pic on it... and all your info. even or DJ has told us if we can not prove who someone is to bring them in and he will...

I agree it will be a total cluster... but when the WCO's and DWCO's just write the citation on the spot for them not having it in the field then word will get around.... I just laugh when I hear all the excuses for why they dont feel they should have to have ID on them or they want us to drive back to their house for them to get it... it never ends. and it never will.... but regardless... they get the citation a few weeks before Christmas maybe they wont keep doing it ....
Call your local DJ and ask him if you fail or refuse to produce POSITIVE ID what the officer can do.... if you borrow your buddies hunting lic. and go out hunting and are checked and asked for ID you just saying your buddies name thats on the license doesnt qualify as POSITIVE ID...

I guess i am failing to see why this is such a huge issue it is not that difficult to carry some proof of who you are.
Good Luck and hope to see some pics
an expired license does not prove if you are a resident or not... and that can matter
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