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Hunting in rain

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Going first muzzle load hunt this year . Using CVA Optima in line. Any special precautions for hunting in the rain? Will be hunting 3 days leave loaded but remove primer at night? Appreciate any advise.
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I don't know a thing about inlines....

Rain and a flintlock always made me nervous....but I am learning to trust myself and my methods and quit making excuses and go hunt lol...

My 2nd spring gobbler tag was filled in the rain with a flintlock this season..

First tag I carried my 870 for the first time that morning because I was planning to run n gun in big woods and not go back to the truck..took the 870 because rain was supposed to come pretty did sprinkle..but nothing major till I was half way back to the truck with my bird...after that I committed the 2nd tag to the flintlock...
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